Cloud Computing

IQPTEK Cloud Services helps our customers build secure, repeatable, and scalable cloud environments on the cloud provider of choice.

We team with you to define your architecture, integrating security, resiliency, and management models into an implementable design that meets your business needs. We recognize the need for cloud solutions that protect traditional investments and enable organizations to benefit from hybrid, multi-cloud, or hyperscale models.

In a world where customers demand personalized marketing and instant and impeccable service, it’s fast becoming not just the best way to drive successful and innovative businesses, but the only way. Here are cloud computing’s key benefits:

  • Cloud providers handle the maintenance of physical components, as well as security and software updates.
  • With cloud computing, every person in your company has access to devices they already use, anywhere they need it. Your team is up to speed at all times, which ensures faster collaboration.
  • Cloud computing providers offer redundant storage (generally in multiple data centers), bolstered security, and faster recovery.
  • Align company objectives using messaging resources across your various business platforms.
  • While time savings boost productivity, and by extension your bottom line, cloud computing has financial benefits that are more direct.
  • With cloud computing, security is handled by your provider both online and physically at their data centers.