Data Analytics

We understand the challenges faced by organisations in an ever changing and competitive environment with increasing pressure to act quickly. We also recognise the frustration of not being able to run meaningful reports at the touch of a button without worrying about whether the information is reliable.

IQPTEK can help you identify the best solutions for your needs - from the underlying platform to the front-end visualisations, from off the shelf products to custom built enterprise solutions. Our advice and solutions will help you to drive actionable insight and enable better and faster decision making.

  • We identify and assess all your data sources to understand the information you have available.
  • We highlight opportunities for data cleansing and introduce appropriate governance to ensure your data is complete, correct and consistent.
  • We enable you to link data from multiple sources and create data models for better reporting.
  • We provide assistance with selecting the right platform and technology for your organisation that meets your data needs.
  • Through understanding your reporting needs we can recommend appropriate reporting tools, KPIs and metrics, and provide assistance with report creation. We will also help you in defining use cases and identifying gaps in your data.